Ramesh Somani, an MBA in Marketing& International Finance from Fore School of Management & Nottingham Trent University, UK. He started Exhibit Technologies a company under which he launched the Exhibit Magazine, today India’s largest Tech and Lifestyle Magazine. Ramesh launched his first portal under Exhibit Technologies called “thetechy.com”, one of the most followed portal for reviews and news on technology, gear, cars and much more. He recently also launched “thewheelz.com”, which is an auto blog and shares updates on everything automobile!

Understanding the demand of the industry, he launched “Exhibit OOH”which manages media buying and planning. Taking his love for technology and everything new further, he started three event properties called “Tech Fashion Tour”, “Tech Awards” and “ 100 hottest Start-ups”.

When not in office, he likes spending most of his time outdoors playing squash, trekking, white water rafting and he is also an avid marathoner and has targeted to run all major marathons all over the world at least once.

Yugma Desai, is a biker from Surat, Gujrat who along with three other women covered a distance of of 10,000 kilometres in 40 days to spread awareness about the campaign, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.

Radha Dhir, Radha Dhir is working as Managing Director, Global Markets, Deutsche Bank India. She is responsible for Foreign Exchange and Interest Rates Derivative Sales for Deutsche Bank in India. Radha Dhir is one of the very few women MDs in Investment Banking in Asia and the first in Deutsche Bank, India. She is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore.

Shweta Rohira, Shweta Rohira is an Indian journalist

Shruti Tejwani, Shruti Tejwani SHRUTI TEJWANI has been working as a portrait and lifestyle photographer in Mumbai Since 2007. She studied at London School of photography to upgrade her skills to be a full time professional photographer. She has successfully photographed more than 1000 plus premium clients in India and abroad. Shruti is also the winner of under 35 young achiever award. Shruti is a self-made career woman and is a proud mother of 2 kids - daughter Asia and son Rome.

Sarika Mehta, Sarika Mehta is a biker from Surat, Gujrat who along with three other women covered a distance of of 10,000 kilometres in 40 days to spread awareness about the campaign, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.

Hemang Pandit, Hemang Pandit has completed almost two decades in the health and nutrition industry. He has a passion for helping people and has travelled extensively and helped change millions of lives all around India.

Rakhi Pandit, Rakhi Pandit has completed almost two decades in the health and nutrition industry. She adds her knowledge and expertise in helping woman get healthier and fitter and bringing out the best in them by developing their personalities nd helping them achieve a healthy mind within a healthy body.

Prashant Sawant, A celebrity personal trainer, Prashant Sawant has been working in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and sculpting the bodies of many of the Bollywood's superstars. He estabilished a personal traning studio “Body Sculptor” in 2003.

He is highly experienced in creating tailored workout and nutritional plans to meet the needs of his client.

Body Sculptor has an elite list of clientele which includes Sharukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor, Sunny Leone and Sonal Chauhan to name a few.

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  • Krishaa & Gautam Ghanasingh

    Mahjabeen Patel

  • Monika & Tehseen Poonawalla

    Payal Kothari

  • Naved Jaffrey & Sayeeda Kurlawala

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    Rakhi Pandit

  • Krishaa & Gautam Ghanasingh

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  • Naved Jaffrey & Sayeeda Kurlawala

    Vijeta Neekhrey

  • shriya_kolte

    shriya kolte

  • Krishaa & Gautam Ghanasingh

    Krishaa & Gautam Ghanasingh

  • Monika & Tehseen Poonawalla

    Monika & Tehseen Poonawalla

  • Naved Jaffrey & Sayeeda Kurlawala

    Naved Jaffrey & Sayeeda Kurlawala

  • Sachin Joshi & Urvashi Sharma

    Sachin Joshi & Urvashi Sharma

  • Talat Aziz & Bina Aziz

    Talat Aziz & Bina Aziz

  • Hemang & Rakhi Pandit

    Hemang & Rakhi Pandit

  • Bobby Khan & Mounia

    Bobby Khan & Mounia

  • Gurmeet & Debina

    Gurmeet & Debina

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    Sameer Purohit & Namrata

Young, chic and original... that’s Shriya Kolte’s Imagination Inc. Having studied Interior Designing from Istituti Callegari Milano and Central Saint Martins, London, Shriya combined her passion for designing with art exposure from across the globe, to establish Imagination Inc. in 2010.

She describes ‘creativity’ as her DNA and that indeed shows in her work. Her personal art shows have been held across the country, displaying her astute sense of design. She has accomplished over 100 projects in Pune and is known for her sophistication, brilliance in style, innovative ideas and attention to the minutest of details. At Imagination Inc., Shriya has handpicked a team of young, edgy and zealous designers, who further contribute to her ‘Imagination Edge’.
Fine jewellery label Ghanasingh Be True, by the dynamic duo Krishaa and Gautam Ghanasingh, has been a part of a 111 year old legacy in the jewellery industry.

Gautam Ghanasingh is a dexterous creative genius. Ever since he was a child Gautam Ghanasingh closely followed the art of jewellery making with sketching pieces and understanding the finer nuances of the art, being his hobby since a young age.

With a keen eye for quality and aesthetics, besides being highly qualified and trained in the jewellery field, he adds his knowledge and expertise to match and enhance the upcoming jewellery trends. His vision is to create – ‘one of a kind, unique-pieces’ with great attention to detail that echo a harmonious blend between modern design and traditional craftsmanship. With an ethos underlined by belief in product innovation and creativity, Gautam’s creations cater to the modern woman of today who wants jewels that are not only treasured as heirlooms but are versatile, practical, affordable and of high quality. As the creator of the brand, his adage remains to BE TRUE to himself.

Krishaa Ghanasingh heads the Business Strategy & PR where she overlooks Expansion Stratagem at Ghanasingh Be True. She has helped evolve and develop the brand, time and again, to make it a global brand with her planning, forecasting and executional abilities and innovative brand strategies. She is currently driving new initiatives and exploring growth opportunities for retail. Being a jewellery aficionado and an avid collector herself, she keeps track of international trends.

Say the duo, "We have successfully taken the brand from Heirloom to Haute Couture retaining our heritage, culture and values. Keeping with the global trend circuit, we try and curate collections every quarter, of which many are limited edition items, bought as collectors' pieces."

They further add, "With painstaking attention to detail, design, premium quality, precious stones, unique pieces that shimmer inside with life; we strongly believe in providing the best jewellery pieces at paramount price to our customers, besides meeting and surpassing the expectations of our clients with respect to design and quality." With the success of their flagship store in, Mumbai in 2012, the duo marks their entry in the E-Commerce arena by introducing a special curated line for Velvetcase.com. The line comprises of elegant pieces in sleek silhouettes crafted in precious gemstones set in gold and platinum, designed for the new age woman.

The label will soon unveil a new venture for the discerning clientele of the nawaabi city of Hyderabad with a resplendent collection curated to compliment the unsurpassed royal heritage of the city. The new Ghanasingh Be True store echoes an extravagant versatile ambiance, showcasing timeless and opulent collections with a distinctive amalgamation of precious stones and exquisite crafting techniques. Ghanasingh Be True presents a unique new jewellery collection befitting the inspiration at hand i.e. the Nizaams of Hyderabad.

Under the guidance of Gautam, Ghanasingh Be True is the proud winner of the GJTCI Excellence Award for Bridal Jewellery as well as the IJ Design Award of the Year for Theme Based Jewellery.

Their support to the Make-A- Wish foundation highlights their compassion and philanthropic ideals. With over a century of legacy to live upto, today Ghanasingh Be True is the outcome of the courage and inspiration of Krishaa and Gautam Ghanasingh as they take on the jewellery industry with the promise and belief to take it to the next level!
“There is never a better measure of what a person is than what he does when he’s absolutely free to choose”. – William M. Bulgar

The above quote cannot be truer of Tehseen Poonawalla! Tehseen at the mere age of 33 has accomplished what most of his peers only aspire for. He is an acclaimed political analyst, a social activist and a flourishing entrepreneur, all amalgamated into a super energetic and enterprising mind. Tehseen has all the opportunities to go the same route as most privileged at his age do, but he has chosen a different path for himself. Always one with extremely strong and pragmatic viewpoints, Tehseen believes his calling is to work in a direction which benefits the Indian society as a whole and not just his immediate periphery. Hence, the establishment of his NGO Policy Samvada forum to provide a platform to the youth of India, who he believes are the architects of a better tomorrow. He has in his endeavour been an active member of various youth activities and organisations pan India like the much debated Common Wealth Games, The Pune Marathon, and the Pune Film Festival along with heading the membership vertical for Young Indians (Yi), the Youth Wing of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). Because of his active engagement with the youth, his expertise is often sought out by several youth leaders in the field of politics, media and social entrepreneurship. Tehseen has always been an avid reader of law, mythology, politics, and biographies of leaders, game-changers and histories of nations. Having extensive knowledge on the current global politico-social scenario, he is frequently invited onto national leading channels for debates and views. Even with his hectic schedule, he has authored a soon to be released book, based on the ever-changing dynamics of the largest democracy, INDIA. Covering points like Kashmir, economics of an emerging nation, constitutional rights, all using simple verbiage, a book authored for the common man and elite alike. This book, his take on the country and its various facets, reflects the thoughts of a large section of the youth of today. He believes it’s time for the youth to wake up to the needs of the country and realize that each one can be a contributing part towards the progress of India.

Extremely motivated by Gandhijis Talisman he plays an active role in the empowerment of the lesser privileged, he does all he can to spread the word about basic civic responsibilities and rights. A big believer in the Indian judiciary system, he promotes the right each individual has to freedom, justice and fair treatment along with other basic fundamentals.

To unwind, he enjoys ‘gym’ming, outdoor activities, listening to music and writing. In the past he has established and run successful gyms and dabbled in the restaurant business as well. Someone with oratory skills par excellence, Tehseen is also a popular face at youth fests and seminars where he is invited to speak on various topics of relevance to motivate and educate the audience.

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